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ALMATIN Group started its activities in Syria since 1976 and is considered one of the pioneer Companies in the plastic industry.

The founders’ prophecy and their correct vision were fulfilled by choosing this industry specifically during two decades, when the era in which we live is called the era of plastic.

Seeing of ALMATIN Group’s belief in the necessity of bringing in expertise and investment of regional and international weight and activating the partnership with giant entities because of its true reflection on the administrative and investment thought, ALMATIN Group, in partnership with the Kuwaiti Kharafi Group and the Syrian Kuwaiti Holding Company, established the National Company for Plastic Industries in 2002

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Our products are highly quality , we have ISO certificate no. 9001

The company seeks to have ISO certificate no. 22000

The National Plastic Industries Company includes two production departments


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The National Company deals with major international companies in the field of mineral water and soft drinks, so the national company depends on the latest The latest high-quality production lines, which feature the latest technology in this industry, and carries out periodic maintenance by foreign manufacturers. In addition to keeping pace with the new technology adjustments.

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